You Are Not an Artist

Lola Empire



I am your audience. 
I am your witness. 
I want to see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel. 
My mind is my greatest erogenous zone. 
Don’t cater to me. Don’t worry about meeting my needs and expectations. 
Challenge me. Surprise me. 
Soothe me and provoke me simultaneously. 
Mirror me back. Introduce me to my unknown selves. 
Empower me. 
Inspire me to be the best version of me. 
Inspire me to be all that I am capable of being. 
You are not an artist. There is no distinction between you and your art.

You are art.

Disregard reality. It is negotiable. 
Get lost in your cerebral landscapes but don’t believe everything you think.
You are ultimately a collection of paradoxes. 
Relax, remain ambiguous. 
Don’t strive for completeness. 
Welcome and embrace chaos by conscious undoing. 
Forget about techniques. Take pride in being undisciplined. 
Open up your wounds, show me your scars 
and I will follow you despite trends and hype. 
The relationship we have is universal. 
It’s all-inclusive. 
It’s warm and beautiful. 
We are one. 
We are energy beings. 
I fall. I fall in love. 
My heart gets broken. I die. 
I am reborn. 
I am stronger at the broken places.

I am art, too.